Staking Tiers and Presale Details!

Fellow crypto adventurers the time has now arrived. We are pleased to announce that we’ll be opening the RIFT Private Sale Round #1 on the 31st Day of January 2021 at 9PM AEST for a short period of time.

Participants Restricted: 111
Rate: 0.05USD per RIFT Token
Minimum Contribution: 1ETH
Max Presale Allocation: 6,000,000
Distribution Method: Receive your tokens directly from the Founders
Distribution Time: Immediately following the opening of the UniSwap Open Pool

Reward 1: +10% RIFT Tokens and Private Sale Participants Limited NFT
Reward 2: Whitelisting for access to the VIP Staking Pool with Ferrum Network
Bonus: 1 randomly selected staking participant from each pool will receive a EVGA RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra Gaming graphics card!

Staking Pool Tiers
Note that the staking pool rewards parameters (pool size, APY, maturity, etc.) remain subject to change until staking goes live.

Full Reward 30%
Full Maturity 30 days
Early withdrawal starts 15 days

Full Reward 60%
Full Maturity 60 days
Early withdrawal starts 45 days

Ferrum VIP Staking Pool
Full Reward: 90% APY
Full Maturity: 90 days
Early Withdrawal: 75 days

Here is the RIFT Token Contract address for reference:

Here is the Form:

If you require support please contact us on Telegram at or by Email at

🔥IMPORTANT: Please complete the Form before sending any ETH to the Company address.

🔥IMPORTANT: Submitting and application and pledging ETH doesn’t guarantee you an allocation of RIFT. We will be conducting internal processes and due diligence for eligible candidates. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application in our discretion as this is a private presale. Applicants who are not accepted will have their ETH returned by 11:59pm UTC on 28 February 2021, less gas fees.

🔥IMPORTANT: Please ensure to record the same eth-address in this form as you intend to use for sending your contribution and receiving your tokens and staking in the Ferrum Network sponsored VIP Pool.


🔥IMPORTANT: Our team including admins will not initiate private messages. Please be wary of imposters seeking contributions or offering rewards.

Round #2 begins as Round #1 closes.

Thank you for your support! UniSwap Pool Opening and Staking are coming up.

Twitter: @eth_rift
Medium: @ethrift




Decentralised Guild System for Enterprise Syndicate Trading

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Decentralised Guild System for Enterprise Syndicate Trading

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