We are proud to sponsors this PUBG tournament hosted by our friends at 35 Cartel and we welcome you to join our you community.

Please find below eligibility requirements for the spectators RTX3070 lottery.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Register at ethrift.io with email; you do not have to do the identity check
  2. Tweet #NotYourKeysNotYourCrypto @eth_rift
  3. Join our new public channel on Discord https://discord.gg/hwFsyyg8qH
  4. Provide your email address in a DM
  5. Claim gift of $RIFT tokens

You must also be spectating on the final day of the tournament. If you have any questions of queries please reach out and the team will support you.

It would be great if you would try out our app; here is an article about how it works: https://ethrift.medium.com/how-does-ethrift-io-work-8290d8aebac6

Happy Gaming Everyone!


Telegram: t.me/ethrift
Twitter: @eth_rift
Reddit: r/ethrift

Email: support@ethrift.io



This week we upgraded our onboarding and identity verifications services by integrating with a fellow Australian company based in New South Wales: RapidID.

Now the ethrift.io customer onboarding and verification process is more friendly and your personal data is more secure. The flow is also even faster than before.

The RapidID API provides a lot of great features for us to implement in future to further enhance our product line. Much thanks to our new friends RapidID.

Thanks for all your support! Stay tuned for more major announcements coming soon!



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